How Much Should You Pay for a Child Custody Lawyer?

a mother hugging her daughterThe cost of legal fees for a simple child custody case could be worth at least $3,000, but most cases tend to be complicated that you spend more than $5,000.

If you live in Washington State, for instance, Feldman & Lee PS noted that a child custody lawyer in Kent might charge a different rate than an attorney in Seattle. Your location sometimes affects the actual cost of legal fees, which could be more or less expensive.

Time and Money

Lawyers usually charge their clients by the hour, so longer cases entail more fees. You could end up spending up to $35,000 for depositions, expert testimonies, and preparations for court proceedings. However, you may negotiate a deal with your lawyer after they estimate the time frame of your case.

Some divorce attorneys require payments by the hour, which ranges between $75 and $400. Court appearances may cost more, so ask them upfront if their rates are variable over time. You should also be aware that a retainer, which is an advance payment, might be part of the contract.

Fewer Cases

Younger people are more likely to be unaffected with legal fees concerning child custody in the U.S. since most of them decide to start a family at a later age. An analysis showed that this caused the divorce rate in the country to fall 18% between 2008 and 2016.

Generation X and Millennial age groups have become more conscious about their marriage plans. Hence, people below 45 years old who are still single could be the primary reason behind a lower divorce rate.

Couples should try to simplify their demands for child custody to avoid paying expensive legal fees. Otherwise, you should be ready to pay the price for time-consuming and complicated negotiations. When choosing a lawyer, it is important to hire someone who has been dealing with child custody cases in your state.