Considerations When Putting Up Fabric Structures

dome structureWhen you want to set up a fabric structure in your property, DomeShelter Australia knows there are a lot of factors that influence your decision. Whether you want a temporary structure at minimum cost or a unique design, you can never go wrong with these structures.

Below are the important considerations when putting up these structures to avoid failures that will damage your property and endanger lives:


You need to conduct routine maintenance on your structure like you would for any other building. The maintenance includes cleaning, getting upgrades when necessary and conducting repair works. Inspecting your structure regularly identifies issues, after which you are able to fix it before it is too late.

The Choice of Fabric

Although most people ignore the fabric factor in their structure, it is among the most important features of these structures. The fabric should be strong, cleanable, inflammable, durable and UV-resistant.


Designs that promise cost savings and short project execution time could end up being risky in the long run. You could save money in erecting your structure but compromise the state of your structure in the face of challenging weather elements.

The best way to be sure of the quality and durability is to use the services of a reputable and experienced builder.


The foundation of any building dictates its strength and robustness, and these structures are not any different. There are different types of foundation you could use for your structure, but you have to make sure the one you choose can support the entire building.

The specifications in the manufacturer’s guidelines are your best bet when it comes to your choice of foundation.

Fabric structures are a preference among many building owners for their flexibility in design, low set-up costs and short construction time. You, however, need to consider important factors and follow the right procedure when setting up these structures to ensure durability and longevity.