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Light at the End of the (Carpal) Tunnel: Preventing Carpal Syndrome

carpal tunnel syndromeWorking in from of the computer all day might seem like the safest job. After all, there are less chances of sustaining injury in an office setup compared to working in an industrial workplace, right? What many do not realise is that desk jobs have their risks, too.

You may have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) from your musician friends. According to The Wells Suite, it is a health condition characterised by too much pressure on nerves in the wrist. Musicians often develop this condition because of the fast hand movements required to play an instrument. The same is also possible, however, if you spend long hours engaged in activity that requires repetitive hand or wrist movement. The most common activities include using the mouse or typing on a keyboard.

Fortunately, carpal tunnel syndrome is something you can easily avoid. Take a look at the following preventive measures:

Do Not Use Your Wrist to Move the Mouse

Using your wrist to move the mouse makes sense, but to prevent CTS, it is better to use your elbow as the pivot point. This will keep your wrist straight and reduces the pressure on it. Do not restrict arm movement so you can use the mouse more freely.

Use a Trackpad So You Can Alternate Hands

You can also relieve the pressure on the more dominant wrist by using the mouse with the other hand. For this, you may need a platform that can be configured for each wrist position. Other input devices like a trackball or a touchpad help with keeping both wrists in a neutral position.

Keep You Forearms Parallel to the Floor

Apart from the right sitting position, it is also important to make sure your arm remains parallel to the floor. This will help you move your arms more freely and reduces the risk of applying pressure to your wrist.

Take a Break

Always remember that it does not hurt to take breaks in-between. Sustained pressure on your risk increases the chance of developing CTS. Rest your hand every once in awhile and do mild stretching.

It pays to know how to work safely and comfortably even if you are in an office setting. By observing proper posture and correct wrist position, you can avoid CTS, be healthy, and get more work done, too.


Why Some Patients Wake Up During Surgery

surgeryAwareness during surgery is rare, but concerning. Statistics show that it occurs only in about one or two patients out of every 1,000. So, when it happens, it’s terrifying and stressful for patients. No one expects to wake up while still in the operating room and see the heart and circulation monitors. What’s more distressing for them is hearing voices and feeling a burning pain.

General anesthesia is supposed to prevent people from recalling the events during the operation. Some health experts, however, claim that with prodding and poking, patients may wake up. Some are more vulnerable to waking up during surgery, while others are not. This article will discuss what causes the awareness and some ways to prevent them.

Resistant to Drugs

Many surgeons have identified patients who are resistant or just sensitive to different drugs, including anesthesia. As a result, there is a small chance of feeling the pain and being aware of their surgery. Fortunately, advanced technology may alleviate some of these rare cases. Research suggests that monitoring a patient’s brain activity during the procedure may lead to better dosing and control of anesthesia.

Lack of Anesthetic Drugs

Putting patients to sleep works most of the time. There’s a high chance of waking up, however, if someone does not get enough anesthesia. The first step every surgeon should take is acknowledging that awareness while under anesthetic drugs may happen. This way, they can create a strategy for the patient and communicate that plan.

Medical expert says hiring a reliable anesthesia management company is necessary. Getting some help is a great way to know how to make sure the patient wakes up pain- and stress-free.

Too Sick to Get Anesthesia

Few patients report they have been conscious during their operation, despite receiving general anesthesia. What causes it is perhaps the patient’s body being too weak to get much anesthesia. The drug may cause low blood pressure. So, if the patient experiences bleeding or has heart failure, there could be problems with the effect of the anesthesia. The reason behind it is that doctors only use a lighter dose to keep a patient (people getting heart surgery or C-section) stable.

Being aware of what’s happening during an operating room sounds like a nightmare for many. Fortunately, the case can be preventable by being familiar with the common causes. With the help of other professionals, any doctor, surgeon or medical facility can make the right decisions.


5 Reasons to Invest in The American Economy

economyThe grass is always greener on the other side. This age-old saying is a big reason most investors look to make their wealth on foreign shores. Foreigners from all over the world look elsewhere for investment opportunities.

Unfortunately, while many countries have investment opportunities, the market’s unpredictability makes investors wary of where to invest money. While market trends may shift erratically, the American economy has shown that it has a solid foundation to progress amid worldwide market instability. Once you get an EB5 visa, you can join in the action and put your money in the strongest economy.

Immigration counsel provider Rahbaran & Associates outlined five good reasons to invest in the American economy:

1. A Consumer Friendly Atmosphere – America’s consumer friendly atmosphere makes it easy for investors to see higher returns on their investments quicker than anywhere else in the world.

2. A Long History of Returns – The American economy marks consistent progress across all sectors. Putting your money where there is a rich history of returns is a safe bet.

3. A Home to the Greatest Companies – If you are an investor, it only makes sense to invest in the home of the greatest companies in the world. America enjoys a profitable market because of companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

4. A Diversified Environment – America is home to a diverse pool of industries. Investment 101 dictates not to put all your eggs in one basket. With so many industries ranging from IT to automotive and everything in between, you have a solid foundation for your investment portfolio.

5. A Politically Stable – Political instability is an investor’s nightmare. Even though many other countries are fertile grounds for foreign investment, their lack of political stability puts investments in a fragile balance.

America has the most robust economy in the world. It is home to the most dynamic enterprises and itis characterized by an unparalleled history of innovation. It is for this reason that it is a necessity for every investor’s portfolio. There is a good reason why people have long regarded America as the land of opportunity.


Weaving the Fabrics of Multicultural Brisbane: Top Activities to Try

Asian RestaurantBrisbane is made up of various communities consisting of people from all walks of like. Look beyond its cosmopolitan façade and you will find diverse cultures living together harmoniously. It is one of the chief reasons many are attracted to the city. Wherever you may come from, you can find your niche in Brisbane.

You can experience and take part in the multicultural facets of Brisbane simply by strolling through the city. There are many spots across the greater metropolitan area where you can celebrate the different fabrics that make the city truly world-class. Immerse yourself in Brisbane’s cultural diversity by trying out these exciting activities:

Experience Exquisite Asian Dining

If are craving for Asian flavours while in Brisbane, you are in luck. says Asian restaurants in Brisbane are popular for their vibrant aesthetics and superb cuisine. You can easily find one that can suitably satisfy your taste buds and give you an unforgettable dining experience.

Throw a Boomerang

Aboriginal customs are deeply ingrained in Australian culture, but if you want to share the rich traditions of the indigenous Australians, head to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. You can try your hand at throwing an authentic boomerang or playing the didgeridoo. You can also discover how Aborigines create fire.

Learn How to Dance the Salsa

Get your body moving to the beats from Latin America. In Fortitude Valley, there is a place where live bands play while you dance the night away. You might want to review the basics of salsa before you join the party. After a few songs, though, you are sure to get the rhythm and dance with more finesse and gusto.

Brisbane is brimming with life and will only continue to be vibrant through the years. With its rich, multicultural background, you can easily feel at home visiting or living in the city. Do not hesitate to experience the culture of Brisbane on your next visit.


Mobilising Your Mobile Apps: Tips on Marketing Them

The world has gone ‘mobile.’ Everyone now carries a smartphone or a tablet computer in his hands. It appears like the dependence on these Internet-ready consumer electronics has become even more apparent. This technological shift has become an opportunity for marketers to promote their brands.

Creating apps is one sure-fire way to entice your customers. App developers, such as, note that marketing a smartphone application can be as difficult as creating it. The challenge lies in this fact: you have to prove to your customers that your app will make their lives easier. Promotional campaigns online can be tricky, as people are easily distracted by a vast amount of information and a plethora of images all flashing before their eyes. If you manage to make your app stand out, you’re actually making your brand more known.

app developerGo Social

Many smartphone and tablet computer users socialise online, and it’ll be wise if you promote your app using your social media page. Better yet, run a contest that will encourage your target audience to buy or download your app and pick a winner from them through your catchy hashtag. If you really want a more elaborate system, design your app in a way that it can be easily integrated with your customers’ social media account.

Find an Endorser

The endorser doesn’t need to be an A-lister or a celebrity. What you need to find is someone who has a reputation in a specific industry. For instance, if you’re launching an app for civil engineers, you might as well ask a reputable professional from a known firm to endorse the product. You may also work with some influencers online, such as bloggers or YouTube stars.

Start With a Promotional Price

If you’re selling a paid app, why not launch it at a reasonable price? Slashing at least 25-30% off of the selling price will encourage tech geeks and social media personalities.

Including apps in your marketing plans is one way to increase brand awareness. But, marketing the app itself can be a challenge, especially if you have a broad target market. Consult with your app developer and marketing strategist to resolve some issues and narrow down channel choices.


Drag Me to Bed: The Surprising Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

sleepingWe want it all: earn more money, have fun, eat, relax, and sleep. But, most of us put sleep down at the bottom of our to-do list. After all, we are used to just having five to six hours of sleep pretty much every night.

Studies reveal that one in three people has a sleep problem in the United States. It seems like more and more people today don’t understand the hidden dangers of lack of sleep. It doesn’t just make you feel groggy or grumpy at work. Lack of sleep affects your health more than you might think.

You’ll Look a Few Years Older

The condition of your skin and hair will change when you’re sleep-deprived. After a restless night, you will notice visible wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, and dryness in your skin. A nap during a long commute may help, if your daily schedule won’t allow you to get at least eight hours of sleep. Reading a good book and taking a warm bath also do great things to your body.

You Become Prone to Germs

When you always get less than six hours of sleep, you are more likely to have a fever or catch a cold. In fact, you can increase your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Sure, most germs will not harm you, as your immune system will protect you. But, when you are constantly sleep deprived, your health deteriorates.

Hormonal imbalance is a possible culprit. This is the reason health expert says taking hormone balance supplements are necessary. It can help you sleep better at night and stay alert at work during the day. You may not realize it, but hormones are part of your day-to-day life. Escape from hormone horrors and you will be surprised to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and happy.

You’ll Crave More for Unhealthy Food

Not enough sleep may disturb your hormones, which makes you want to eat high-fat foods at night. Over time, those junk foods you ate will come back to haunt you. Whether you can’t sleep because of stress and demanding work, you are at risk of obesity and diabetes. Experts say that one of the common reasons you can’t sleep is the food you eat before going to bed. Instead of eating sweets and spicy meals, you may want to consider milk, yogurt or low-fat cookies.

Beauty sleep is not a myth. Make smart decisions and take time to adjust your schedule. Chances are, you can slowly make small changes to get more sleep every night.


Simple Kitchen Maintenance Tips for a Better Cooking Experience

kitchen maintenanceAs a homeowner, one of your biggest responsibilities is to make sure the kitchen is cleaned on a daily basis. This is necessary not only to keep it looking great, but also to prevent pests from invading the space. Moreover, you might want to think about hiring professional help once or twice a year for some kitchen deep cleaning.

The contractors at Cleanair UK know that all these maintenance works are important so that you have an easier time inside the kitchen. The following is a quick discussion on some of the more important matters you need to be concerned about:

Maintain Proper Ventilation

A properly ventilated kitchen will only encourage you to become a better cook. Proper ventilation means you can cook in more daring ways and crank the heat up a little higher. This means more flavour, sear, caramelising, and less smoke detection. Ask experts about the latest ventilation systems they can recommend to keep the air in your kitchen fresh and circulating well.

Empty Your Sink and Dishwasher

Simple as it sounds, having an empty sink and dishwasher just makes the cooking process faster and easier. Empty them before cooking; this way, you can rinse and load dirty dishes and tools right away instead of letting them sit out for hours.

Clean Your Cookware Regularly

It is advisable to do some maintenance work on your cookware and knives every month. This will prevent rust spots and stains from accumulating and getting worse. Normally, one afternoon is enough to remove stains and polish them all up.

Organise Your Cleaning Tools

Find the right cleaning tools and keep them close to you. It is easier to actually start cleaning and get maintenance work done if you have the right tools that are within easy reach. Put them in a pull-out drawer, under the sink, or an organised basket until you make it a habit to clean right after using your kitchen.

Proper maintenance will not only make your kitchen look lovely for your family and guests, but will also help you move around more comfortably while cooking. A messy kitchen is uninspiring and gross; make sure to clean up for a beautiful and functional kitchen you can use daily.


Nothing Lasts Forever – Not Even Activated Carbons

water filterIt’s strange the way nature works sometimes. Charcoal is a bi-product of burning wood, but it holds a chemical reaction that produces activated carbon – a molecule that attracts other particles. People use this quality in charcoal to absorb undesirable scents, as well as dirt and toxins in water. This charcoal is one of the most widely used natural water filters in the world.

How Long Is A Stay?

As it turns out, natural charcoal has a time limit on how long it can serve its purpose as a filtering tool. Noted industry specialist call this limit residence time. This is the average amount of time a particle can stay in a specific system. In this case, it’s how long an activated carbon molecule can stay in a piece of charcoal attracting other particles.

The measurement of residence time depends on the number of particles present in the system. Different professions use residence time in various ways depending on their craft. Medical doctors and scientists also use the phrase, but almost never mean it the same way as a water filter technician might.

Too Many Variables

Residence time begins as soon as it enters a system, and ends immediately after it leaves. The system can be almost anything, and changing anything variable in the equation will drastically affect the duration of the residence time. This makes it difficult to calculate, as well as to prepare for. But, there are constants that scientists and other professionals can count on.

The larger the system, the longer the residence time, just as long as the inflow and outflow rates of that system remains constant throughout the predicted period. Activity is also a significant factor in determining residence time, but it’s also predictable as long as it remains constant. The more activity a particle goes through, the shorter the residence time.

Other Fields

Residence time is a part of various disciplines including aerospace engineering, which uses the principle to determine outgassing of accumulated gasses in a vacuum environment. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies use residence time to determine how long a particular drug will stay in the body before it’s expelled.


What are the Compliance Obligations of an IFA?

ifa complianceAll independent financial adviser (IFA) firms, from one-man bands to the largest practices, need to satisfy the requirements of the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). These requirements include:

• Satisfying the threshold conditions, such as maintaining sufficient financial resources and being a fit and proper person
• Providing sufficient initial disclosure information to clients in a transparent manner. The requirements in this area include whether an independent or restricted service will be provided, and how fees will be calculated
• Gathering sufficient information to ‘know your client’ – information on which advice will be based
• Giving suitable advice and ensuring client files demonstrate suitability
• Providing ongoing servicing as agreed with clients
• Ensuring promotional material is ‘clear, fair and not misleading’ and complies with relevant regulations
• Handling complaints when they arise
• Submitting regulatory returns to the FCA
• Treating customers fairly at all times, as well as maintaining sufficient management information to ascertain whether customers are receiving fair treatment
• Maintaining compliance procedures as required
• Completing 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year
• Obtaining a Statement of Professional Standing each year – a document issued by a professional body which confirms that the adviser has completed sufficient

CPD and has signed up to a Code of Ethics

Compliance obligations of an IFA cannot be neglected yet many advisers, especially those practising on their own, find they lack the time or resources to fully address compliance matters, and so can really benefit from engaging an external compliance consultant who can provide practical compliance advice tailored to the circumstances of the individual firm. Others welcome the impartial assistance a consultant can provide as they seek to satisfy their varied regulatory obligations.

Some advisers may not feel they are ready to take on the responsibility that comes with FCA regulation. Even if a compliance consultant is engaged, ultimately it is the adviser’s responsibility to ensure they meet their obligations. Hence, many IFAs choose to become an appointed representative (AR) of another firm. Essentially the appointed representative (AR) firm does not hold an FCA authorisation, but is supervised by another firm which does, known as the principal firm. The regulator will hold the principal firm accountable for any failings in the AR’s activities.


4 Simple Tips to Use Invisaligns

invisalignsAmong the many concerns that most people encounter, the ones that involve their dental health could very well be the most inconvenient. A simple toothache is enough to send a person home from work. A chipped tooth may be a factor that affects a person’s self-esteem.

Invisalign in Meridian and other places has become a popular tooth straightening solution. Unlike the traditional metal braces, it’s easier to clean and maintain. It also provides more comfort and looks much better. This doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the issue. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Invisalign experience more efficient:

Wash While You Eat

These clear aligners are removable. This means you can wash them while you eat. You can simply soak them in warm water while you enjoy your meal. This can be helpful if you’re having issues with your mouth feeling dry. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before wearing your clear braces.

Keep Trays Organized and Sterilized

As your teeth progressively straighten, your dentist may need to adjust your braces. This doesn’t mean you no longer need your old trays. So instead tossing aside your old trays, it’s better to keep them in a safe and clean place. Always be prepared if you sterilize and store your trays in separate labelled plastic bags.

Take some pictures

This is one way to document all the progress. The first thing you might notice is the development in your back teeth, so you better give a big smile for your photos. Keep in mind that it may take some time to see the changes. So be patient and enjoy.

Change your trays on time

For what it’s worth, always change your Invisalign trays ahead of time. You don’t want to start your new trays on a busy Monday morning. These are incredibly comfortable, but the new trays are tight and can create pressure.

As much as possible, always try to wear your Invisalign to make the process more efficient. Just remove them when you need to clean or you need to change your trays. Never miss your dental appointments. If you have questions, and concerns, consult your dentist right away.