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A Question about Light: Which Industries Use Lasers?

laserThe word “laser” brings to mind explosion-filled fight scenes from sci-fi movies, but the technology functions differently in the real world. Instead of being the cool weapon you think of, lasers perform more practical uses. So far, amplified light has proven to be useful in different industries.

Most notable examples include these three:


Surprising as it may seem, lasers are actually useful in agriculture. The most common use of the technology is in land surveying and leveling. Through the use of equipment like prism systems that bend light into 90-degree laser beams, the laser analyzes the lay of the land and provides important information to farmers. Some devices could even level the land automatically, thus improving overall farm efficiency.


Contrary to agriculture, lasers in metalworking go beyond analyzing and leveling land. In this industry, machinists use amplified light to slice through sheets and pieces of steel. Normally, this is applicable to flat sheets and round pipes. The technology removes the need for clunky mechanical parts that grind through the piece, thus improving the cleanliness and smoothness of the output. The laser melts the steel, burns it, and blows it away to make the desired cut. Laser’s purpose in metalworking is also applicable in the manufacturing process of the aerospace and automotive industries.


The use of lasers in mining bears a few similarities to its functions in agriculture. Yes, the mining applications of lasers include surveying and profiling land, but there is much more to that. What the laser does is map out the area, profile the rock faces, and measure the stockpile volume underneath all the rocks and soil. Some might think this is unimportant, but laser’s function in this industry is critical to ensure sound management decisions and safe labor practices, especially when it comes to setting off explosives.

The world may still be a decade or so away from turning lasers into sci-fi-esque weapons, but that doesn’t mean the technology is useless. After all, modern life wouldn’t be this advanced if not for amplified light.


7 Car Buying Secrets Your Dealer Won’t Tell You

car dealersBuying a car is intimidating for many people, and for good reason. How many stories have we heard of poor victims buying the car of their dreams, only to find out that they got ripped off by a crooked trader? This is something that everybody wants to avoid.

There are many secrets to car buying, and knowing these will help you even the odds.

1. Advertisements always lie – Or at the very least, they always disappoint. If a motor car trader advertises a huge steal, it usually has countless problems. They know that nobody will buy it, they just want to get you inside.

2. You can get a steal at auctions – Auctions are under appreciated places to find incredible bargains. Some, like Pickles Auctions, even allow you to buy a vehicle you’re interested in for a set price before the auction begins. While cases vary, this buyout price is usually at or below market value.

Even without actively participating in an auction, simply observing how it works and what people are willing to bid is a valuable learning experience. You might even make contacts and get a car directly from a seller for a fraction of the cost.

3. They are eager to negotiate – While some salespeople might act as if you’re bothering them by negotiating the price, this actually gets them excited. It indicates that you are in the buying stage, and any salesperson would hate to lose you at this point. They are willing to offer surprisingly generous concessions, especially if you follow these tips:

  • Seek out a large dealership, and ask to see vehicles that have been in-stock for a long time. They are eager to get rid of these.
  • Mention the monthly costs of keeping the vehicle, such as flooring, insurance, and advertising expenses.
  • Buy near the end of the month, when a new round of expenses is looming and they are under pressure to make another sale.

4. Preparation changes everything – How a car salesperson deals with you depends greatly on how prepared and knowledgeable you seem. Without a clear idea of the car you want, market values, and financing, you are little more than a victim. Calling beforehand and setting an appointment also helps.

5. Monthly payments are a disguise – This is a favourite trick of many car dealerships. They insist on talking about monthly payments to make it seem as low as possible. Customers usually don’t notice the incredibly expensive additions like extended warranties and credit insurance.

6. Verbal promises are worthless – Another very unethical trick is for car salespeople to promise you just about everything in an off-hand manner, but conveniently forget to put it in writing. If you don’t see it in the contract, it’s not part of the deal.

7. Get customisations elsewhere – Some dealerships will gladly tint your windows or apply rust proofing, but it will usually be at an incredibly inflated price. If there’s anything you want to change on your vehicle, get it from a third party.

Buying a car is a stressful experience, but knowing these secrets makes a huge difference. Do your research, and don’t repeat the mistakes of others.


Choosing the Right Paint Colours to Make Your Exteriors Look Even Better

commercial painting servicesKnowing the right paint colours to use is important to make your home beautiful. What some homeowners forget, though, is that the exteriors are just as important as the interiors when it comes to design.

With a little know-how about colours, you can choose the right colour palettes for your exterior to match your home’s architectural style. Here are some things to remember before making that important decision.

Landscaping Indications

Consider the prominent colours in your landscape when deciding on colours to use for your trim, siding, and roof. If woodlands surround your home, pastels may look out of place, but earth tones can look natural. Make sure your landscape and paint colours blend together to improve your curb appeal.

Choose Three Colours

Experts at Barker-Whittle say it is best to pick three colours that will complement each other and look good outside your home. If you have stone or brick sidings, choose two colours instead. The trim should be a complementary colour and the doors, shutters, and decorative trims should have an accent colour. Hiring an expert colourist can also help with finding the right colour scheme for your home.

Be Careful with the Roof Colour

Roofing is a big and permanent investment because it can last 20 years or more. A coat of paint on the roof can last about one-third of that. That’s why you need to be sure about what roof colour would complement the whole design of your house. Choose a neutral roofing material to have more paint colour options down the road.

Test paint colours and study them at different times of the day and under various weather conditions. This way, you can guarantee that your exteriors will look good and pleasing to the eyes. Don’t rush your decisions to ensure you make choices that will keep you happy for years to come.


Marvel at these Creative Tax Wizards

reliable tax accountantThe only constants in life are death and taxes. Sometimes, they even follow each other around, which is never good news. Fortunately, for the living, taxes are under regulation, and they can apply for tax deductions. The rules are not very clear-cut though, and there are some strange applications for tax deductions that obtained approval.

Most, if not all of these businesses find their home in the “Other Deductions” category, and everyone will agree that they belong there. But, this classification is not the haven for the weird and wonderful tax deductions. Industry veteran Femia and Associates noted that to qualify for this type of deduction, people need to prove that what they are applying is essential to their business.

This is a requirement that some people seem to take as a personal challenge, and found creative ways to slash expenses from their taxes.

Cats Keep Taxes Away

One of the cutest examples was of a couple who owned a junkyard that applied for tax deductions for pet food. The couple explained that they used the cat food to attract wild cats, which in turn took care of pests around the property such as snakes and rats. The cats, the couple argued, made the property safer for customers, and are an essential part of their business.

Oil Up

Bodybuilders also get their tax deduction fix with their prolific use of baby oil. These professionals use oil to make their bodies glisten in the lights during competitions, and can be considered an essential part of their success. But, interestingly enough, vitamin supplements and expenses on special diets were not given the same consideration.

The rationale goes that the effects of such supplements are not easily seen without extensive comparative studies, which bodybuilding competitions do not do. This made the court err on the side of caution, and ruled that specialised supplements and diets are not an essential factor in the success of a body builder.

Secret to Success

Keep in mind that the court is looking for direct causation between the deduction applied for, and the success of the individual. Case in point: a stripper applied for tax deductions for recent breast augmentation surgery. In her case, she stated that the results of the procedure allowed her to get more tips from customers, and the judge agreed.


Turning a New Leaf: The Green Future of the Australian Construction Industry

machine for hireSustainable infrastructures have fast become the norm in the Australian construction industry—and for good reason. With calls for contractors, builders, and designers to come up with buildings and infrastructures that have environmentally sustainable design, the boom in similar projects is easy to understand.

A Picture of Sustainability

There are many strong indications that the Australian construction industry is aiming for better environmental performance. The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS), for one, is a government initiative set to measure and compare buildings on their energy, waste, and water consumption practices. The Green Star environmental rating tools are another benchmark for evaluating infrastructures on their environmental impact. These standards provide a clear picture of how certain activities affect the surroundings. They pave the way for greener solutions and better measures for addressing inefficiency issues.

Changing Industry Standards

With standards now geared towards improving sustainability performance, Australia is in the process of putting up more infrastructure applying the same principles. True enough, construction professionals today are resorting to “greener” options and alternative measures to lessen the impact of their activities on the environment. Not many realise, however, that this move for improved green measures has profound effects on other aspects of construction, most notably on expenses.

For instance, many contractors now simply hire machines and other equipment from Brisbane for their projects. This cuts the need for the purchase of new machines, minimising consumption of resources just to get one, and lowering project costs significantly. Plus, it is more cost-effective to hire rather than to invest on such high-maintenance assets. There is no need to allot a budget for regular maintenance anymore when they could easily hire new machines.

Greener Tomorrow

Buildings with green design are set for reduced utility costs in the future. Operators can manage their resources even better now that they have sustainable options. Instead of using sourcing fresh water supply, for example, they can recycle collected rainwater for servicing facilities and other building amenities.

With all these benefits, it is not impossible to say that, someday, all the buildings and infrastructures for public use in the country will have a six-star energy rating or higher. With the rate of development and changing industry standards, that future will soon become a reality.


Spiritual Rituals For Promising Business Beginnings

business officesWestern Australia is one of the most progressive states in the country, so more and more offices are sprouting across the metropolis. This means that developers will not be the only ones benefitting from this growth, but also Perth commercial fitouts firms. But whether your office space is in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, there are a few things you might consider before finally moving in.

In Western culture not much fun fare is given when moving into a new space. In Eastern culture, however, there are a handful of beliefs, ceremonies and superstitions that are considered before and after moving in. Of these countless beliefs, these two are very popular: Feng Shui and an office blessing. It may not be for everybody, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of them.

Feng Shui, which of course originated in China, is a way of ensuring that the positive and lucky energies are flowing freely. Feng Shui experts and followers believe that the design of an office, including the colours, the position of the windows and doors, even the furniture, will greatly affect the success of the business. Good Feng Shui, as experts say, will also ensure harmony and creativity among the employers and the employees.

Typically, consultation with the Feng Shui expert begins as early as choosing the space for the business. Then, decisions on the design and the lay-out are also shown to the expert to make sure that nothing is blocking the positive and lucky energy from getting in.

For some Christian businesspersons, a priest or pastor is called in to bless the new office space to ensure an auspicious beginning. This entails offering a short prayer to be followed by the actual blessing of holy water. Unlike in Feng Shui though, the ceremony is not done to drive away negative energy, but to ensure that the place is holy and pure.

But these are just two very unique ways of making sure a business will thrive. Of course, financial planning and marketing strategies should be in order and should be a top priority. Practising mystical and spiritual rituals may perhaps help some employers, especially after the commercial fitouts are done and business is set to open.


2015: A Better Year For SEO

seo company“Nothing is constant in this world except change.” Everything is different now, from the way people dress down to the significant changes in the world because of technology.

How will you see tomorrow or even a year due to the changes brought by the advancement? Will SEO stay important as it is today? Certainly, because it never fails to transform to serve businesses and customers better.

What is the future like?

SEO is not dead, especially as social media websites remain popular. As long as people want to feed their knowledge, as long as they continue to search more information, search technology will exist and optimization methods will be in demand. There may be drastic changes in the way people use platforms, relevancy may be redefined, but the DNA of search stays the same.

Industry veteran revealed that search algorithms are designed to weed out bad content and highlight excellent content. This is why SEO firms are important to ensure great content is written for readers and optimized for search engines.

Expert’s vision of the future of SEO

Industry expert Stephan Spencer shared that he sees 2015 as a year where search will become more embedded within applications and shift in a significant way to natural language voice search. He added that search will definitely become more personalized and user influenced.

Meanwhile, Marcus Tober said SEO would grow in many different areas, citing data science, product management and marketing. He said the old paradigm such as the landing page for each keyword may be gone.

Online searching becomes more widely embraced. Content optimization has shifted even further. Content remains king and SEO is still alive.


Choosing the Right Keywords for an Effective Online Marketing Campaign

online marketingThe past decade saw digital marketing overtake the more traditional means of advertising. Although there is still power in television and radio ads, the Internet has made things like the yellow pages almost obsolete.

This is true especially in major cities across the globe. If you are to launch marketing efforts on the Internet, it is important set aside a budget for SEO. Say you were looking for search engine optimization in San Diego; it’s a given that you will encounter many companies and different strategies. It is important to at least be familiar with the elements that will get your website to appear on the first page of Google search results.

The Importance of Keywords

One big factor in SEO is the keywords used. You need to think like the average searcher who needs a particular question answered. Here are some simple techniques on how to find keywords for your campaign:


Brainstorm with your team about the types of keywords that may be relevant to your target clients. Jot them all down. Once you’ve exhausted the choices, evaluate them one by one until you come up with a collective decision.

Use Third-Party Tools

Third-party tools are available for a reason. Use them to expand your ideas and check if you’re heading in the right direction. Look at the suggested keywords related to those you typed in and choose the most targeted and used ones.

Remove Poor Matches

Assess your list and erase those that you think won’t be pertinent to your current marketing campaign. The best keywords are those that sound good straightaway and fit your campaign perfectly. Organize your list to reduce the workload later on.

Look for Synonyms

Most people don’t use the exact same words when searching for the products or services they want. With that, inspect your keywords and make a synonym list comprising of interchangeable phrases. Merge these new keyword ideas to develop new variations.

Choosing the right keywords to target is an important part of your effort to reach a wider audience. This first step is crucial because if you don’t have the traffic, you won’t have the conversions. Master this to get the most of all your campaigns.


Getting Rid of Pests to Live Safely and Comfortably

Pests can ruin a lot of things and make life at home terrible. Having them around is never something you should put up with. It is absolutely important to know how to get rid of them as soon as possible, or better, to keep them out.

Here are effective ways for you to do just that, according to industry experts like

On Plants

pestTrim all shrubs and tree branches that touch your house to get rid of possible pest bridges. Coverings such as pine straws and wood chips may encourage pests to grow and gather. If you must, place less risky ground cover such as stone or rock.

On Windows and Doors

Pests can find their way through tiny gaps and cracks. You have to examine any distorted, broken, or ill-fitting windows and doors and make repairs if necessary. It’s advisable to buy or make your own screen mesh to help screen out pests.

On Trash Bins

Keep your patio, yard, garage, and deck free of weeds, stagnant water, and litter. Make sure your trash cans have fitted lids. Clean them and the surrounding areas regularly to get rid of spills and debris on which pests may feed.

On Drains

Drains and sinks have a tendency to accumulate debris and gunk that may attract pests and give them a good breeding site. Make sure to keep your drains, sinks, tubs, and laundry room clean and free of stagnant water.

On Stored Food

Completely close opened boxes and bags of food to prevent pests from entering. If this isn’t possible, then put the food in a resealable plastic container or bag. Also, make sure to consume older food items first and clean out anything left uneaten.

Most importantly, just try to live in a clean home. The cleaner your house is, the less likely you’ll attract pests to live and breed. If ever pests do get in, call a pest control expert and prevent it from ever happening again.


Steel vs. Iron

steelMost people constantly compare Steel and Iron. Which is the best and the strongest between the two? While many can’t really tell because these have different strengths and weaknesses, the construction industry notes that steel is stronger compared to iron.

Oftentimes, people get confused with the difference of steel and iron due to their similarity in color and composition. They are completely different, however. Noted supplier of steel tubing products said that the material plays a major role in almost every aspect of people’s daily life. It is useful in building houses, highways, appliances and other important things.

What makes steel stronger?

Steel is a thousand times stronger than iron in its pure form. It has a carbon content ranging from .2 to 1.5 percent and iron. Though it consists of iron, it is overwhelming because there are different types designed to perform a particular job under very exacting conditions.

Meanwhile, carbon acts as a hardening instrument that makes steel more durable. Its hardness combined with its flexibility and strength make steel far more useful than iron. It is more durable and able to hold sharp edges better. It resists shock and tension better.

Steel is rust resistant and one of the most commonly used alloys in today’s world. This is why machines, vehicles, tools and building structures are commonly built from it.

Facts about steel

• Steel is the main material used in delivering renewable energy, such as solar tidal and wind.
• Approximately 25% of an average computer is made of steel.
• Steel is committed to the safety and health of people.
• Skyscrapers are made of steel.
• It is lighter compared to iron.
• It is stiffer compared to iron.
• It is highly corrosive.
• It is 100% recyclable.

Humans have come up with different uses for steel, from carpentry tools to culinary equipment and machinery. It has become an indicator of economic progress because of the critical role played by steel in infrastructural and overall economic development.